For third consecutive year INTRAMA has received award for best package

For third consecutive year INTRAMA is the winner of the national competition for the best package Prize Pack 2020.

The aim of the competition is to award and promote innovative food and beverage packages as well as new packaging materials and technologies. The competing packages must meet the highest requirements in terms of food safety, guarantee functional storage and transport, consumer convenience and environmental friendliness.

The award was given for:

Stand pouch with the brand “Detelina’s”


The package is triplex structure with high barrier. The printing process implements a combination of two effects (gloss + matte), which give an extremely stylish look to the final package. As a result of the combination of the high-quality films and printing, we have a stylish stand pouch with an original printing solution for achieving a vision that contributes to the differentiation of the packaged product.

MAP package with the brand “Shef Mesar”

The package is high barrier 11-layer structure for tray sealer, with anti-fog and easy peel. The end result is an innovative MAP package in line with the modern trends. The package is with reduced environmental footprint, safe, with excellent vision and high practicality. The additional functionalities of the package for easy opening and anti-fog add value to the product and meet the market requirements for usefulness of the package.